Which Amazon Kindle should you buy on Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday 2021 is right around the corner, and that means there are tons of great deals on today’s hottest products — from smartphones and tablets to laptops and headphones. We’re already keeping track of the best Black Friday deals for 2021, but if you’re specifically looking to expand your reading library without taking up much space in the physical realm, getting an e-reader will be the aptest choice. Speaking of e-readers, there isn’t another gadget that beats the practicality and convenience of an Amazon Kindle. If you’ve been thinking of buying one, check out our list of Black Friday Kindle deals that you must check out.

Whether you’re still deciding if a Kindle is right for you this holiday season or are in the process of choosing the most suitable model of the Kindle for yourself, this article should help you with all the information you might need before making a decision. View Amazon Kindle Black Friday deals at Amazon

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Which Amazon Kindle should you buy on Black Friday?

Frankly, there is no straight answer to this question because of how diverse the Kindle lineup is. There are different models of the Amazon Kindle in different price ranges. Despite their nuances, all of these models excel at one thing, and that is, making your experience of reading a book pleasant and satisfying.

As we said, there are different Kindle models for different requirements, and there is a number of options that you can choose from. We have listed these options for you to weigh and evaluate based on your requirements. Amazon Kindle

The vanilla or 10th Gen Kindle, launched in 2019, is perhaps the most popular e-reader from Amazon. While its popularity can be attributed to its ultra-thin and weightless form, its $90 price tag is definitely one of the factors contributing to this success. The $90 Kindle is best suited for anyone who wants a hassle-free reading experience without any bells or whistles. It comes with a 6-inch e-ink display, which is ideal for reading on the move. Built-in Wi-Fi means you can also download new books and other content on any private or public wireless network.

For reading in dim and low-light scenarios, this 2019 Kindle comes with a backlit display. Unlike more expensive models, however, you will be limited to a white backlight with no option to increase the warmth. But, you still get the option to adjust the brightness to suit your eyes.

This Kindle variant supports Bluetooth, which means you can connect your go-to pair of wireless headphones and listen to e-book and other menu options being read aloud to you through VoiceView. In addition, you can also access your Audible library to hear your favorite audiobooks. You can buy the Amazon Kindle in black or white color options or get a Kindle Kids edition with kid-friendly cases. View Amazon Kindle 10th Gen Black Friday deals at Amazon

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