Windows 11 is here, do I really need to upgrade from Windows 10?What you need to know

Do I need to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11? Here’s what you need to know: Sarah Tew / CNET
Windows 11 It started Roll out to target device on October 5th That is, Windows 10 is slowly being released. Microsoft Support for Windows 10 will end in 2025 Therefore, it will still take several years to stop getting security patches. Also, Microsoft’s gradual deployment of Windows 11 means that you may not be prompted to switch until next year. However, all these details can make it difficult to determine if you need to upgrade now or if you should wait later.

If you’re wondering how long you really have to switch to Windows 11 and Time to wait safely Before updating, you came to the right place.I will explain again How to download Windows 11 , How to tell Is your computer compatible? When Who gets the update for free .. Read everything you need to know about the end of support for Windows 10 and the preparation for Windows 11.

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Stay up to date with the latest Microsoft News, as well as reviews and advice on Windows PCs. When will Microsoft end support for Windows 10? What is the reason?

Windows 10 support Will end on October 14, 2025. This means that Microsoft will no longer offer security patches or feature updates for Home, Pro, Enterprise, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstations editions, affecting virtually all Windows 10 users. (By 2029, only a few Windows 10 Enterprise Long Term Support Channel users will have it.)

This is not surprising. Microsoft has a long-established store. Fixed lifestyle policy For many of its products. For each OS version, the company offers a minimum of 10 years of support (mainstream support such as security updates and free incident support for at least 5 years, followed by 5 years of extended support such as paid troubleshooting. it continues).

Windows 10 was released in July 2015, so the 10-year life cycle will end by October 2025. Everything you need to know about the end of Windows 10 support .. Windows 10 days are numbered. Josh Goldman / CNET Need to switch to Windows 11? Will my Windows 10 computer stop working after Microsoft ends support?

You can use your Windows 10 computer as before, as many people still use it. Windows 7 Or Windows 8, but Microsoft has withdrawn support for both in recent years. However, when support ends, you may not be able to get security updates, leaving your computer vulnerable. Various forms of malware. Target Windows device ..

If you don’t want to stop using your Windows 10 machine after the end of support in 2025, there are specific ways to do it. Steps you can take to make it safer .. Can my computer run Windows 11?

it depends.If you I recently bought a new PC , The computer must be able […]

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