WWE and AEW Stars Primed to Trend Throughout Fall Season

The fall period is known for cooler weather and marquee wrestling shows like WWE Survivor Series and All Elite Wrestling Full Gear, but there are several wrestlers poised to be the focal point of conversations over the next several months.

Between Bryan Danielson challenging Kenny Omega for the AEW world title, Alexa Bliss playing with dolls and Ruby Soho fighting Britt Baker for the AEW women’s championship, the fall season will be filled with memorable moments for wrestling fans.

Here are the WWE and AEW stars primed to trend throughout fall 2021.

Bryan Danielson

While the biggest possible move AEW could have pulled off was signing CM Punk out of retirement, the most damning move for WWE was Bryan Danielson turning down a lucrative deal to sign with the fledgling company.

Danielson is already making major headlines after his jump to AEW, but how his future unfolds on Dynamite and Rampage will have the wrestling world talking. With his sights already set on Kenny Omega and the World Championship, the American Dragon jumped right into the fire.

Wrestling fans will be talking about Danielson as he prepares for his possible one-on-one title match at November’s Full Gear PPV, but he will really make headlines on Twitter and YouTube when he takes the loss in the bout following interference.

The idea of Danielson being defeated in his first championship match in AEW will be easier to swallow if it sets up a feud against Adam Cole or another top star, but the loss would also clear the path for the return of Hangman Adam Page, who is destined to beat Omega for the title. Alexa Bliss

One of the Superstars who is likely to be trending this fall for all the wrong reasons will be Alexa Bliss, who looks poised to take the Raw Women’s Championship from Charlotte with the help of a doll.

This storyline has been lackluster, but there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight.

Since Bray Wyatt and The Fiend disappeared from WWE programming, Bliss has taken on the role of supernatural being, bringing Lilly along for the ride. While Wyatt’s storytelling was unparalleled, Bliss and her new character have been hokey, cheesy and largely forgettable.

The problem is that WWE Creative obviously loves the angle, as it continues to be pushed as a main feature of Raw every week. With Bliss now likely to win the women’s title from Charlotte, it will likely run for a while longer.

When Bliss trends this fall, it will be when the WWE Universe is making fun of the storyline. Ruby Soho Punk and Danielson stole many of the headlines, but one of the biggest moves AEW made during All Out weekend was the addition of Ruby Soho to a women’s roster in need of a big-name attraction.While Soho is exactly who AEW needed to instantly give its women’s division both credibility and a shot in the arm, there is little doubt that she will come up short in her efforts to take the Women’s Championship from […]

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