Xiaomi 12 Pro will be equipped with a periscope telephoto lens

Over the past few days, Xiaomi has released almost all the basic information about the Xiaomi 12 series. I’ve seen information about performance, displays, cameras, and more. Some recent renderings seem to indicate that the Xiaomi 12 Pro isn’t using a periscope telescope rear camera. Recall that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro comes with a periscope telephoto camera. Regarding the telephoto camera of the popular Weibo tech blogger Xiaomi 12 Pro, @ DCS has confirmed that the Xiaomi 12 Pro does not have this sensor. He claims that the periscope telephoto rear camera will be dedicated to the Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

However, it’s not surprising that Xiaomi has excluded the telephoto camera from the Pro model. After years of marketing gimmicks, everyone’s pursuit of periscope telephoto has become calm. To be honest, this sensor does not affect the daily use of the average smartphone user. On the contrary, it is better to save some cost and do a good job with the main camera and wide-angle camera. These sensors directly affect the imaging experience.

In addition, the Xiaomi 12 series focuses on thinness and lightness. Therefore, periscope telephoto cameras pose a major challenge to the thickness and width of the device. When the Xiaomi 12 Ultra arrives next year, we will have to compromise on thickness to use this sensor. Xiaomi 12 Pro unveils IMX707

The basic parameters of the Xiaomi 12 series are already online. Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, recently revealed that the company will bring a major upgrade to the Xiaomi 12 series cameras. He revealed that the Xiaomi 12 Pro will unveil the Sony IMX707 sensor for the first time. This means that this device will be the first device in the world to use this sensor. It’s one of Sony’s top sensors, featuring a 1 / 1.28 inch ultra-large bottom, a 2.44um fusion large pixel, and a 49% increase in optical input.

Xiaomi also does a lot of work to upgrade the night view shooting feature. Enhancing night view reproduction, highlight suppression, night view shooting, and night view video shooting. Lei Jun has also released some sample shots of the Xiaomi 12 Pro’s night scene capacity. Unfortunately, there is no specific information about the IMX707 at this time. However, from a core spec perspective, it looks very close to the previously released IMX700. This sensor should be an upgraded and optimized version of the IMX700 and the pixels should remain at 50MP. Xiaomi 12 Pro will be equipped with a periscope telephoto lens

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