Your next OLED TV can also put your elf on the shelf

LG Display is almost enthusiastic about making its flexible and transparent OLED technology part of all the furniture in our homes, offices and department stores. The latest targets for South Korea’s tech giants include windows, display cases and even bookshelves.

At CES 2022, the company announces several bizarre, exciting, flexible and translucent display innovations, including a bookshelf called an OLED shelf that doubles as a larger hanging display.

OLED (organic light emitting diode) screens may not require a backlight and are thin and light enough to move almost anywhere.Last week, the company announced an OLED screen Rotating easy chair As a curved display from the head to the toes of a spin bicycle. (Image credit: LG) LG hung two 55-inch 40% transparent OLED panels from the wall shelves for its OLED shelves (LG claims these are the largest transparent OLEDs in the world). The two screens are connected in series and hang on separate base shelves to form a relatively rigid frame. The upper screen acts as a traditional TV and the lower half is a passive display for displaying weather, news and other updates. When watching TV, an opaque screen rolls off the top shelf, just behind the top OLED display, providing a brightness of about 400 knits. Even when you’re not watching TV, the top display can show off your art gallery, and the bottom screen provides a context for the images on the top screen, listing artists and when they created their work. I can do it. LG told TechRadar that the product is ready for commercial production, but it needs a partner to build and sell the system. As for what the shelves can hold, LG told us it’s strong enough for some small items like vases and your holiday elves. Future encounters

(Image credit: LG) LG is also pushing the boundaries of what you can do and the way you think about display transparency. LG has shown how to incorporate transparent panels into corporate meeting room windows with the Show Window concept (wiring and power are hidden in the window bezel). While the display can effectively and clearly show the outside world, OLED technology displays the video and touch screen presentation elements of the conference participants. It is also possible that the show window provides a window to a completely different world. If you adopt the Metaverse and add it to your corporate meeting routine. (Image credit: LG) LG is also working with Korean retailers to integrate transparent OLED displays into product showcases, or “shopping management showcases” that place transparent OLEDs inside wooden display cases. Inside the case is a physical product. Customers looking at OLED screens can see both the actual product and visually appealing and sometimes useful video information (such as current sales). Of course, there’s also a new “window display” concept that looks like a self-contained window, but each pane is a transparent OLED that can be used for advertising or for displaying personalized messages to passers-by. The screen (which can be connected […]

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